Guide  for Authors

Dear authors, please read the following instructions carefully before submitting the article.

1- All articles must be uploaded in one file include: article title, authors name, Persian abstract, English abstract (according to the content of Persian abstract), keywords (maximum 10 words), introduction, method, main text, result and sources in Word environment ( A total of about 7000 words).

2. On a page before the beginning of the article, enter in a table the name and surname, affiliation, field of study, academic degree, e-mail (email), mobile phone and postal address (in English and Persian).

For the papers submitted by faculty members of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad,  grants articles that the e-mail address used by the Corresponding Author and other authors is only the official e-mail address of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad.

Persian and English abstracts (according to Persian abstracts) should be inserted at the beginning of the article.

This journal is published in black and white, so the entire content of the article should be in black and white.

3- When submitting an article, please enter the article information carefully and correctly on the journal site (Such as authors' info in Persian and English - Abstracts - Keywords - References)

4. Use the Endnote program, based on APA, to insert resources.

5- The article should be written according to the style of writing in Persian language. Proper editing and page layout (according to the magazine format) should be done before submision.

6- All parts of the article must be in one file, Microsoft office Word 2013 software

-article length must be maximum 22 pages in A4 paper size,

Margins "up = 4, down = 6.7, left = 4, right = 4 cm",

- For Persian words, type BZar 12 and for English words, Times New Roman 10 and line spacing 1.

- Persian footnotes with Bzar 10 font and English footnotes with Time New Roman 8 font.

10. Tables and charts should have titles.

Table title must appear at the top of the table and in bold BZar 10 font.

Chart title must appear at the bottom of the chart with bold BZar 10.

The contents of the table should be written with the BZar 11 font or smaller if necessary.

11- To submit an article, you must first register your info accurately on the journal’s website (enter the requested information according to its instructions), then you can submit your article from the new article submission section.

Prepare the article exactly according to the desired format of the journal described on this page. Otherwise the article will not be reviewed.

Download the sample article file from the link below and adjust your article accordingly.

Sample article file

 D) Review of articles:

1- The received articles will first be reviewed by the editorial board and if they comply with the criteria of the journal, they will be sent anonymously to two or three expert reviewers for evaluation.

2- The opinions in the papers do not reflect the opinions of the journal.

3- The authors are responsible for the content of the articles.

4- The order of the articles has nothing to do with the scientific value or the personality of the authors.

5- The journal has the right to edit, summarize and arrange the contents.

6. Articles that are not organized according to the format specified in the journal will be removed from the review process.

7- Quoting and citing the contents of the quarterly with mentioning the source is allowed.