Aims and Scope

Subject Domain

The main topics covered in this journal are:

    - Information theory
    - Information and communication technology
    - Information retrieval
    - Information retrieval systems
    - Search engines
    - Search algorithms
    - Big data
    - Data mining
    - Cloud data standards
    - Data, information, and knowledge management
    - Information and knowledge organization
    - Classification
    - Abstracting and indexing
    - Information representation
    - Human-computer interaction
    - Human-information interaction
    - Information and knowledge architecture
    - Information seeking behavior
    - Philosophy of information
    - Digital libraries
    - University libraries
    - Specialized libraries
    - Academic libraries


This Journal aims to improve the scientific level of the country in the fields mentioned above by examining and publishing the scientific achievements of researchers. This journal seeks to provide a clear and distinct perspective for researchers to achieve new and accurate results in the country through targeted research by publishing the latest results of experts' research in the mentioned fields. 

This Journal is pursuing the following objectives:

 • Creating an appropriate platform for publishing scientific theories, findings, and perspectives;
 • Expanding scientific communications among researchers and readers;
 • Increasing the visibility and accessibility of published articles at the national and international levels;
 • Promoting knowledge sharing among scholars in various fields of the country in the academic community.

"Library and Information Science Research" is the result of articles taken from research results in the fields of information theory, information and communication technology, information retrieval, and the like. It also accepts articles that have interdisciplinary aspects and directly investigate information technology systems and information retrieval systems, if they have not been published in any domestic or foreign journals so far. Articles that examine, analyze, and depict theoretical and philosophical aspects of information science and knowledge are given priority by the editorial board of this journal.