Open Access Policy

Library and Information Science Research Journal is aimed to publish peer-reviewed edited scientific papers and to spread the knowledge freely as much as it is possible for its readers and authors, globally.


• Providing the appropriate environment for promoting theories, research findings and professional viewpoints;

• Development of scholarly communications among researchers and readers;

• Improving the visibility and accessibility of the published papers at the national and international levels;

• Improving the level of knowledge and research activities;

• Promoting journal publishing standards in Iran.


This journal aims at covering researchers, Academic members, librarians, information specialists, and students of library science, information and knowledge studies as well as related disciplines (such as computer sciences, human-information interaction, linguistics…).


LISRJ publishes original and novel papers in subjects such as Library and Information Science, Information Processing and management, Collection Development, Information Dissemination, Service Evaluation, Knowledge Management, Information Society, Human-Information Interaction, Computer Linguistics, and other interdisciplinary subjects.

Journal History

LISRJ Volume 1 (issue 1 & 2)-2011
LISRJ Volume 2 (issue 1 & 2)-2012
LISRJ Volume 3 (issue 1 & 2)-2013
LISRJ Volume 4 (issue 1 & 2)-2014
LISRJ Volume 5 (issue 1 & 2)-2015
LISRJ Volume 6 (issue 1 & 2)-2016
LISRJ Volume 7 (issue 1 & 2)-2017

LISRJ Volume 8 (issue 1 & 2)-2018