Terms and conditions for manuscript submission

"Library and Information Science Research" is a publication affiliated with Ferdowsi University of Mashhad. It is the result of articles/manuscript derived from research in the fields of information theory, information and communication technology, information retrieval, and the like. Articles/manuscripts that have interdisciplinary aspects and directly investigate information and communication technology systems and information retrieval systems are accepted if they have not been published in any national or international journals yet. Articles/manuscripts that examine, analyze, and depict theoretical and philosophical aspects of information science and librarianship are given priority by the editorial board of this journal. This research journal is published biannually in Persian, with an extended English abstract and in the fields mentioned in the aims and scope.

Files required for uploading to the journal website (when submitting the manuscript's initial version)

Main manuscript

Author’s profile

Author’s statement form

Conflict of interest form

Plagiarism check report (provided by Irandoc)

The required files are uploaded in the Forms and Guide Files section of the Guide for Authors.

 Publication rules

In order to facilitate the process of reviewing and publishing scientific papers, researchers who wish to publish their scientific papers in this research journal are kindly requested to pay attention to the following points, otherwise the paper will not be reviewed and evaluated.

The paper can only be obtained through the website of the "Journal of Library and Information Science Research" at https://infosci.um.ac.ir, and the journal is excused from accepting the paper manually or via email.

The paper submitted for review and publication to this research journal should not have been previously published in another national or international journal, nor should it have been submitted to other national or international journals at the same time (until the final opinion of this research journal is announced).

Persian sources should also be translated into English. Use “Endnote”  software and APA style for referencing.

Links between all in-text citations and the end of the text should be established using Endnote software.

According to the new regulations, the link to the DOI identifier of the articles/manuscripts used in the article/manuscript (or the link to the article/manuscript on the Internet if there is no DOI identifier) and the phrase "In Persian" for translated Persian articles must be included in the article's reference list.

The research journal is allowed to reject, accept, and edit articles.

Every author is allowed to publish manuscript once a year in this journal.  If an author has more than one accepted article/manuscript in a year, the publication of subsequent articles will be postponed until the following year.

In articles/manuscripts extracted from Master or Ph.D. theses, the names of the supervisors and advisors should be mentioned in the article/ manuscripts, and the first author should be the student and the corresponding author should be the supervisor.

The sender of the article/manuscript must be the corresponding author of the article/manuscript, and all necessary correspondence and follow-ups regarding the submitted article/manuscript will be done with the corresponding author. Obviously, other correspondences will not be considered.

The corresponding author is responsible for the accuracy of the content.

The order of the authors' names is based on the order of entry of the specifications/their profile on the journal's website. The corresponding author must enter the names of all authors correctly and completely in the journal website.

To quickly submit accepted articles for initial evaluation of selected reviewers, authors must fully comply with the writing style guidelines.

Articles/manuscripts are reviewed by subject matter experts and if approved and accepted, they will be placed in the ready-to-publish section of the journal's website and will be assigned a specific number after editing and layout.

The review of the article/manuscripts is double-blind (at all stages of the article/manuscript review, neither the authors will be informed of the names of the reviewers nor the reviewers will be informed of the names of the authors). Neither the authors nor the reviewers will be known each other’s identity

Notification to the corresponding author is done through the journal's website and email address (the corresponding author is required to visit both sources to obtain the necessary information and follow-ups).

In case of withdrawal from the review and evaluation process of the article/manuscript, the corresponding author is required to submit their withdrawal request via the journal's website.

Completion and submission of the author’s statement form, conflict of interest, and authors’ profile is mandatory (to obtain forms and guide files, refer to the Guide for authors).

The submitted article/manuscript must be prepared in accordance with the writing guidelines, otherwise the article/manuscript will be returned to the author and will not be reviewed (to obtain the writing guide and article preparation, refer to the Guide for author menu and sub-menu of forms and guide files).

The corresponding author's email should be an organizational email as much as possible.