Presenting a Conceptual Model of Knowledge Management for the Dana Insurance Company

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1 Ph.D. in Knowledge and Information Science/ Kharazmi University

2 Full Professor, Department of Knowledge and Information Science, \Kharazmi University

3 Full Professor, Department of Knowledge and Information Science, \Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz

4 Assistant professor, Department of Knowledge and Information Science, \Semnan University

5 Assistant professor, Department of Knowledge and Information Science \ Kharazmi University


Introduction: Knowledge management models are considered as models and roadmaps for successful implementation of knowledge management in organizations. Therefore, the main purpose of this study is to present a conceptual model of knowledge management for insurance organizations with the case study of Dana Insurance Company as one of active companies in Iran insurance industry.
Methodology: The research method is qualitative and based on the grounded theory approach. The tool for collecting qualitative data is an interview and the sampling method is a purposeful sampling method with a theoretical approach. The semi-structured interviews were conducted to 12 executive managers of Dana Insurance Company. The criterion for analysing qualitative data is based on a systematic approach of the grounded theory. Therefore, the interviews were analysed in three stages after implementation through open, axial and selective coding methods.
Findings: In open coding, 331 codes were identified. Then the axial coding was done based on the paradigmatic approach and finally the selective coding was done, which led to 61 axial codes and 26 selective codes.
Conclusion: A conceptual model of knowledge management was presented for Dana Insurance Company. In this process model, effective factors and conditions such as causal conditions, contextual conditions, intervening conditions, strategies and consequences were identified. The proposed model can be used as a roadmap for the implementation of knowledge management in Dana Insurance Company and based on it, its strengths and weaknesses can be depicted.


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