Examining the Information Storage and Retrieval Systems in Light of Wittgenstein's Theories

Document Type : مقالات پژوهشی


Fersdowsi University of Mashhad


Introduction: The main problem described by Wittgenstein is language, which initially conceives language as the illustrator of the facts and later in its second philosophical period, as a form of life. This paper seeks to analyze the dimensions of information storage and retrieval in light of Wittgenstein's picture and language games theories.
Methodology: Wittgenstein's analytical method used in both of his books is a method of analysis or argumentation and a conceptual-linguistic method. This research was carried out by using analytical method and literature review. Information was gathered by searching for printed and electronic sources (related articles and books).
Findings: Analysis of the information storage and retrieval systems from texture, knowledge representation, indexing, spoken communities, natural language, meaning and relevance and access to content dimensions showed that the information storage and retrieval systems in the realization of their main goal, which is the transfer of information from the source of information to the searcher is faced with fundamental semantic problems. The information storage and retrieval system that provides well access to information does not function well in access to the intellectual content.
Conclusion: The process of analyzes and basic assumptions in the information storage and retrieval systems implies that the information storage and retrieval systems are designed based on the search indexes and expressions with static meanings and the rule of the individualism and subjectivity approach influenced by the picture theory of language. But the text as the source of information that feeds the information storage and retrieval system is no longer the area of ​​language games, and it is impossible to conceive of what the indexing system considered constant conceptions for the text as the ultimate and definitive meaning of the text.


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