Business Information: from Need to Service

Document Type : مقالات مروری


Shahid Chamran University


Introduction: Humans always have information needs. Several factors cause the information need. Context is one of them. Complicated and changing context of business has resulted in creating business information needs and so providing business information services. This paper reviews and introduces these concepts in order to open a new path for information professions.
Methodology: This paper is a literature review.
Findings: Different aspects of business information, as well as needs, resources and services of business information and the role information and knowledge professions may have in this domain are shown and explained.
Conclusion: Today, the role and importance of business information and business information services has been determined worldwide in a way that it is needed for designing business information services. The information professionals can enter these areas in a way that they can have practical and fundamental roles and consequently, promote their social situations.


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