The Content Analysis of Literature on Research Priorities in The Field of Knowledge and Information Science

Document Type : مقالات مروری


1 Shahid Chamran University

2 Shaheed Chamran University


INTRUDUCTION: In order to determine the research priorities in the field of knowledge and information science, it is necessary to make attention to the subjects related to the research carried out in different periods. In this regard, the purpose of the present research was to analyze the content of articles published in Iran and the World attempting to determine and analyze the topics of information science for achieving research priorities in this field.

METHODOLOGY: This research was conducted by using related documents. A total of 73 articles were retrieved and analyzed. To analyze data, descriptive statistics (frequency and percentage) was used.

FINDINGS: The results showed that the largest number of articles were published in Iran over years 1386-1390 A.H. and in abroad over years 2015-2011. In Iran, the National Studies on Librarianship and Information Organization and in abroad, the journals Library Philosophy & Practice, and the Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology (JASIST) have the highest number of articles. Most of these studies were applied content analysis, bibliometric and the check-list. The highest number of studies were conducted in Iran, America, India and Nigeria, respectively. The study population mostly included research papers and theses. Trends in Iran were subjects related to the issue of "Studies of the Library" and abroad to the "Information Technology".

CONCLUSIONS: The results indicated that research tendencies in the field of knowledge and information science have been changed at any time, depending on the different conditions. In other words, in a given period, some of the topics have been considered more as topics of the day and, on the contrary, some have been neglected. The theoretical orientation of research in Iran has focused more on traditional topics and activities of the field, but abroad, it has focused on applied topics and ones related to technology have been prioritized.


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