Evaluation of the Ancillary Services of the Libraries under Supervision of Tabriz City’s Institution of Public Libraries, and Their Effects on Developing the Users' Reading Culture (Children and Teenagers)

Document Type : مقالات پژوهشی


Tehran university


INTRUDUCTION: The aim of this study is to evaluat the ancillary services of the libraries under supervision of Tabriz city’s Institution of Public Libraries, and their effects on developing the users' reading culture among children and teenagers.

METHODOLOGY: The current research is an applied study and the mixed approach was used to conduct it. According to the statistics given by the main office of the Institution of Public Libraries in Tabriz city in 2016, there are 20 public libraries in the city. All of the public libraries of the city were studied due to their limited number and because there was no exact figure about the library users of the ancillary services (children and teenagers), the available sample methodology was used. A research-made questionnaire was used which its validity was approved by experts and its reliability was verified by Cronbach's alpha.

FINDINGS: The findings showed that the following ancillary activities are held in the public libraries: teaching Quran, story writing, book reading and painting contests, religious ceremonies and celebrations, summer holiday studies, literal associations, book fairs, storytelling, and book news. Movie show, music performance and reader groups are not active in any of the libraries. Most of the notices about the services are given via schools and the goal of most attenders is entertainment. There is a lot of satisfaction with the Quran learning programs, whereas with the reading and painting contests, the satisfaction is average.

CONCLUSIONS: Due to the findings, according to the users’ (children and teenagers) views, the quality of ancillary services of the public libraries: in development of rules layer with an average of 51/3 % is barely above average, in development of effects layer with an average of 44/3 % is just average, and in guiding the beliefs of users (children and teenagers) about reading and related concepts and emphasizing the values of reading, with an average of 58/3% is above average or good. Generally, we can conclude that the ancillary services of the public libraries in Tabriz from the aspect of developing reading culture of the users (children and teenagers) are in the average level. These libraries could elevate the reading culture by setting better rules and applying better methods.


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