Citation Analysis and Content Analysis of the Persian books for the Recent Undergraduate Syllabus of Library and Information Science (2010) Based on their In-text Citations

Document Type : مقالات پژوهشی




Purpose: This study attempted to analyze the in-text citations of Persian books in the recent undergraduate syllabus of Library and Information Science (2010).
Methodology: The methodology used for this study was citation analysis and content analysis to determine the credibility of the cited sources. To achieve this end, from 103 books under study, 4,994 in-text citations were extracted.
Findings: The results showed that 53.72 percent of the citations were from the foreign sources and 38.68 percent of the citations were from the Persian ones. Of the total citations, books with 61.53 percent have the highest number of citations, and journals with 24.82 percent citations were in the second place. Half-life of the Persian sources was estimated 16 years and 9 months while half-life of the English sources was estimated 17 years and 6 months. “Thesaurus of Library and Information Science” with 80 citations and “Children’s Literature in the Elementary School” with 46 citations have been the most frequently cited Persian and English books, respectively. “Faslnameye Ketab” and “Academy Management Journal”, have been the most frequently cited Persian and English journals, respectively. Poori Soltani with 107 citations and Charles Samaran with 56 citations were also determined as the most cited authors in Persian and English. The results also indicated that the subject of “Bibliographic Records” with 7.78 percent have been the most cited


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