Analysis of factors preventing or facilitating reading in the past four decades: A review article

Document Type : مقالات مروری


Ferdowsi University of Mashhad


Purpose: This research aimed to study the scope of the book publishing, the social sectors and areas of interest regarding reading in Iran.
Methodology: This paper reviews 95 information sources (including scholarly papers, theses and research projects) in the last four decades (1350 to 1390). It was carried out through the reading and analyzing of texts
Findings: Findings showed that in four decades most studies regarding reading were carried out about reading among students and less about other sections of the society. In addition, most researches have been done to evaluate students reading of non-course materials, reading habits and ways of promoting reading culture. Findings also revealed that most researchers pointed to lack of reading culture among families and education system in Iran as the most important factors inhibiting the reading habits.


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