A Survey of Librarians' Viewpoints Concerning Digital Reference Services Standards at Isfahan University libraries

Document Type : مقالات پژوهشی




Purpose: This research aims at examining the university librarians’ viewpoints about digital reference services at state universities of Isfahan based on IFLA 2008 standards.

Methodology: The research method is descriptive survey study. The study population consists of university librarians of state universities in Isfahan. After determining the variance, the sample was estimated 113 and the random stratified sampling method was used. Questionnaire was used to collect data
Finding: The results showed that the components of digital reference services in the examined libraries are not the same. The component policy had the highest mean (2.64) and the component evaluation had the lowest mean (2.30). The mean of all components was estimated 1.97. It shows that digital reference services are lower than the average.
Regarding the results, to improve the levels of quality and quantity of library services we suggest creating Special Digital Reference Policy, Short and long-term planning, Training Employee programs, developing and publicizing Web Pages and Menus for reference service.