Measuring the impact of organizational spirituality on labor productivity in libraries

Document Type : مقالات پژوهشی




Purpose: This research aimed to investigate the relationship between organizational spirituality and productivity of librarians and library staff in libraries of Shiraz University and also determining the Influential and the most predictive indicator to Improve employee productivity.

Methodology: To collect data two questionnaires were used; the first one measured the persons spirituality, and it included 102 questions in three dimensions: religious understanding and belief, religious orientation, and obligation to religious duties in practice. The second questionnaire had thirty questions and measured personal productivity. All librarians and library personnel whose scores were 82, were considered as subject of the study. Questionnaires were tested for reliability and validity. Data analysis was carried out by using SPSS software (16th edition) and statistical methods such as correlation coefficient and multiple regression coefficient were applied.

Findings: Results show that there is a positive correlation between spirituality and productivity of subject of the study. Among spirituality dimensions, obligation to religious duties in practice affects personal motivation for higher productivity more than other dimensions and has high forecasting power as well. Also Demographic characteristics have some impacts on productivity. Ultimately a conceptual model was constructed and introduced which can be used by other researchers.