Globalization Footprint on Indices of Science and Technology Production

Document Type : مقالات مروری




Purpose: To many people, globalization means inversion and progress in science and technology. Issues like progress in production of new information technologies, production of science and collaboration among scientists and also creation of different universal, regional and national citation systems, and ranking methods of scientists, journals, universities and countries are all a good example to this idea. In addition, revolution in information and communication technology facilitates communication among people and different societies. In this regard, globalization is relates to scientific revolution.

Methodology: In writing this article the Review-analytic approach was applied which is; the method implemented in this study in library readings. So, in order to author different parts of the current article, Persian and as well as English resources were used in both electronic and print formats.

Findings: This article studies on globalization footprint on indices of science and technology production. The main subjects in related to this research were identified as: explanation of globalization with the aspect of science and technology, scientometrics: what and why, impacts of globalization on scientometrics, an observation on results of globalization on measurement indices of science and technology and its pathology.