Study of application of the Indicators of learning organization at academic libraries of Isfahan and Kerman Universities

Document Type : مقالات پژوهشی


1 Master's student in library and information, Isfahan University

2 Associate Professor of Library and Information Department, University of Isfahan

3 Associate Professor, Department of Educational Sciences, University of Isfahan


Purpose: The present Study aims at investigating the extent of application of the indicators of learning organizations at libraries of state universities in Isfahan and Kerman.

Method: The research method is a descriptive survey study. Research population consists of 225 librarians of university libraries in Isfahan and Kerman and the sample was estimated 134 using random stratified sampling method. The data was gathered using a researcher-made questionnaire.

Findings: The findings showed that the extent of the application of the indicators of learning organizations at libraries of state universities in Isfahan and Kerman are at the average level and there is no significant difference between the conditions of application of such indicators in libraries of state universities in Isfahan and Kerman, but the application of these indicators at libraries of state universities in Kerman in comparison to Isfahan are better.


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