From the Gaia Goddess to the Omega Point: theories of Information Integrity

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Introduction:The human being always attempts to find a way to improve his physical and mental abilities. History shows that, despite the many promotions in every branch of science and technology, we cannot see much improvement in thinking abilities. With the advent of the iInternet and WWW, many thought that the problem will be solved. But nowadays we can see that the main problem remains: the problem of Information Retrieval.

Method:In this discussion we try to outline and describe the theories that can be helpful in solving the above problem. These theories are: Gaia, General System Theory, Information Ecology, Collective Intelligence, Social Organism, World Brain, Noosphere and Omega Point.

Conclusions:Based on these theories we need a foundation that the information integrity is a main concept in solving information retrieval problems. In this regard, web can be used as this foundation, if we can use its full potential.