The Role and Function of Organizational Culture and Leadership in Enhancing Knowledge Sharing Among Reference Librarians in Academic

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In this article Knowledge sharing, which is the core element of knowledge ma-nagement (KM), is discussed in the context of reference and information servi ces in academic libraries. Organizational culture and leadership are considered as influential factors in encouraging knowledge sharing among librarians. The main problem for doing this research was lack of awareness about knowledge management practice in academic libraries and the extent to which librarians share knowledge. An electronic questionnaire was sent to RUSA electronic discussion list and 30 librarians most of whom were from America universities, responded.
The analysis of collected data shows that almost all librarians believe on the positive effect of knowledge sharing on individual development of librarians as well as the development of their libraries. Most of them share their knowledge through communication and also they have the willingness to share their experiences and ideas with their colleagues. However, it seems that the mana gers of those libraries are not aware very well of the significance of Knowledge management in every day life of the library. Findings also reveal that in most libraries there is no documented knowledge management policy upon which they can base decision making and planning.