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1. Barriers to the Theory Building in Iran (Case Study: Tarbiat Modares University)

Mohammad Hassanzadeh; Behruz Rasooli; Elmira Karimi

Volume 10, Issue 1 , Summer and Autumn 2020, , Pages 5-34


  Introduction: Theorizing is one of the key scientific foundations and most scientists and countries are at the same levels of science that are highly advanced. That is why the upstream documents related to science, technology and innovation in Iran have also paid particular attention to this issue. However, ...  Read More

2. Effective Organizational Components for the Application of Social Networking in Iran's Academic Libraries: from Status Quo to Ideal Condition

Samira Saberi; Mohammad Hasanzadeh; Fariborz Doroudi

Volume 9, Issue 2 , Winter and Spring 2020, , Pages 162-183


  Introduction: Today, social networks in libraries are considered as a new and powerful example of communication between librarians and users. Therefore, the objective of the present study is to investigate the degree of organizational components' effect on the application of social networking in Iran's ...  Read More

3. Comparing the Effectiveness of the Public Libraries of Iran Public Libraries Foundation and Art and Culture Organization of Tehran Municipality

Somayeh Jafari Baghiabadi; Mohammad Hassanzadeh; Fatemeh Zandian

Volume 9, Issue 1 , Summer and Autumn 2019, , Pages 330-349


  Introduction: The purpose of this research was to compare the effectiveness of the public libraries of Iran Public Libraries Foundation and those of Art and Culture Organization of Tehran Municipality. This study also evaluated the present situation of these libraries and has been compared them with ...  Read More

4. Knowledge Audit in Project-based Organizations: toward a Conceptual Framework

Fatemeh Navidi; Yazdan Mansourian; Mohammad Hasanzadeh

Volume 8, Issue 1 , Summer and Autumn 2018, , Pages 75-97


  INTRUDUCTION: Knowledge audit can be considered as an important step in knowledge management that plays a crucial role in agility and effectiveness of the knowledge repository of organizations. Various models and methodologies have been proposed for performing the knowledge audit. A precise study and ...  Read More

5. The Impact of the Information Literacy of Users on the Accuracy of the Information Published in Social Networks

Parvane Esmailzade; Mohammad Hasanzadeh

Volume 8, Issue 2 , Winter and Spring 2018, , Pages 161-179


  Introduction: With rapid growth of social networks and due to their facilities including the possibility of publishing/re publishing messages by all users, the accuracy of messages is critical. The accuracy of messages will lead to improve confidence of content in social networks. User’s ability to ...  Read More

6. The Relationship Model of Utility of Iranian Users in Database

Mahshid Eltemasi; Fateme Fahimnia; Maryam Nakhoda; Mohamad Hassanzadeh

Volume 7, Issue 1 , Summer and Autumn 2017, , Pages 174-191


  INTRODUCTION: The purpose of this article is to study the relationship model of effective factors on increasing of utility of database consumers in Iran. In fact, the meaning of utility is the consumer satisfaction, in economic point. METHODOLOGY: In this study a mixed method was used in 2 steps: ...  Read More

7. The Relationship between Knowledge Sharing and Innovation Capability in University Libraries

ebrahim Zarei; Mohammad hasanzadeh; Esmat momeni

Volume 5, Issue 2 , Summer and Autumn 2016, , Pages 22-39


  Purpose: This research seeks to determine the level of knowledge sharing, the absorptive capacity, and the innovation capability at the central libraries of the state universities of Tehran in 1393. Besides, it seeks to identify the relationship between knowledge sharing and innovation capability in ...  Read More

8. Effective Solutions to Attract the Audience to the Public Libraries of Iran: Delphi Study

Zeinab Ghayouri; Mohammad Hasanzadeh

Volume 6, Issue 2 , Summer and Autumn 2015, , Pages 206-226


  Purpose: The aim of this study is to identify the key factors influencing the user’s attraction to the public libraries of Iran . Methodology: The solutions to attract the audience were extracted using Delphi method and the questionnaires. 21 experts participated in the first and 17 in the second ...  Read More

9. Investigating the Elements of Institutional Repositories in the Iranian Universities and Developing a Conceptual Framework

Reihane noorimissa; mohammad hasanzadeh

Volume 5, Issue 1 , Winter and Spring 2015, , Pages 171-191


  Purpose: The main purpose of this study was to provide a framework for institutional repository in Iran universities. To this end, this study described how to create an institutional repository and therefore aimed to explain the issues in that regard. Methodology: This study was an applied-developmental ...  Read More

10. Functionality of URL and Title in Optimization of Information Retrieval

Mohammad Hassanzadeh; saeidg ghaffa; Atefeh Zarei Zarei; hossein kamandi

Volume 4, Issue 1 , Winter and Spring 2014, , Pages 221-240


  Purpose: This paper aimed at investigating the results of searching in title and URL fields carried out by professionals from three areas: Engineering, Pure Sciences and Economics in Hamedan province, Iran. The comparison of the frequency of keywords in title and URLs was also another aim of the study. ...  Read More

11. Comparative study of Iran's Ministerial websites using www3 criteria and Users' experience

mohammad hassanzadeh; Fatemeh Navidi

Volume 010, Issue 2 , Summer and Autumn 2009


  This article reports findings of a research conducted to compare findings of manual assessment of accessibility rate of Iran ministerial websites (20 ministries) using www3 criteria with those of users' experiences. Findings of manual assessment showed that accessibility rate of websites are below the ...  Read More