Article Submission Checklist

Submission requirements


Is your article suitable/proper for publishing in Library and Information Science Research, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad?

It is recommended to study the aims and scope of the journal and consider the articles published in the previous issues of the journal.

Are you sure that the manuscript has not been published previously nor submitted to other journals at the same time?

Have you read the “submission guidelines”?

It is recommended to read the “submission guidelines” carefully before preparing the manuscript.

Are all persons, whose names are mentioned as authors in the manuscript, aware of the content of the manuscript and its submission to this journal?


Checklist for manuscript content


  Have you chosen proper keywords for the manuscript?

Keywords help relevant readers/ audience find your manuscript faster.

  Have you written a suitable/proper title and abstract for the manuscript?

Choosing proper title and abstract will help you to attract the attention of readers

  Is your manuscript in accordance with the “submission guidelines”?

The manuscript must be in accordance with the journal’s Author Guide.  

  Is your manuscript legible?

The manuscript should be written legibly. All the manuscript should be checked for spelling and grammar.

Have you cited to all references that you have mentioned in your manuscript?
By reading the journal's citation policy, make sure you avoid accidental plagiarism. All references must be cited in the manuscript and vice versa


Are you ready to submit?


Have you declared any conflicts of interest?

Authors should clearly state any possible conflicts of interest (direct financial, indirect financial, professional conflict, and intellectual property). Get the conflict of interest form from the journal's website.

Have you entered your ORCID?

An ORCID is a unique identifier that links all your publications together. If you do not have an ORCID, it is recommended that you create one.

Enter the ORCIDs of other authors when submitting the manuscript.

  Have you prepared the necessary files for uploading?

It is necessary to upload these files to submit your manuscript:

    1. Author’s page (including authors’ names, academic position and affiliation of all authors, corresponding author’s email address and phone number)
    2. Main manuscript: (in *.doc or *.docx format) prepared according to the journal’s requested format
    3. Authorship declaration Form
    4. Conflicts of Interest Form