Reviewer Guide

✺All respected reviewers of the journal are requested to complete their personal information, especially organizational affiliation, ORCID, review fields, and bank account information carefully when they log in to their review profile for the first time.

✺If the submitted paper for review is not in your expertise or you do not have time to do the review, be sure to register your withdrawal from the review and, if possible, introduce a few alternative reviewers.

When reviewing papers, answer the questions in the review form and if you are commenting on the text of the paper, make sure your name is not visible in the comments. To do this, change your name in the word software settings. The path to change the name in word:
File-Options-General-Personalize your copy of Microsoft Office-User name


Ethical principles for reviewers

All reviewers are expected to read the reviewers' duties in the section on ethical principles of publication and adhere to the ethical principles of the journal.


Registering review in the Web of Science database

Due to the integration of Publons and Web of Science, the reviewers who are interested in registering their reviews in the Publons database can send the “thank you” email, that has been received from the journal  after the end of the review process,to